Risk management services

WRSI has a fully fledged, in-house, risk management and security consultancy services. This division provides security solutions to the corporate and insurance industry.

With our unbiased recommendations, clients are assured of solutions geared to serve their individual needs.

Security Surveying service:

Crime continues to undermine business activity, as a result companies need to ensure that they are forearmed to survive. Our comprehensive surveying services cover the full range of security issues, from physical to electronic security.

The findings ensure that companies are aware of their risks and security shortcomings, thus enabling them to adopt proactive measures for implementation.

Intrusion simulation:

Corporations pay huge sums of money in the belief that contracted security are geared to handle their intended purpose. Regrettably this is not always the case as has been proved in many crimes related incidents.
The purpose of the simulation is not to discredit any organisation but rather to highlight shortcomings in order to address weaknesses and training requirements.