With years of experience, W Risk Services Investigations (WRSI) has the necessary skills to investigate technically related incidents. Whether there appears to be negligence on the part of the security service provider or fraudulent claim submitted by a client, we can assist in finding the truth.

When investigating burglaries, fraudulent claims and fires, the security system can, in most circumstances, provide valuable information with regards to determining the facts of the case.
Through the use of specialised software and years of experience, WRSI is able to deliver system event logs, which detail system activity over varying historical time periods.
The information, coupled with the examination system components, control room activation reports and other sources of information, makes it possible to determine the true facts.


Typical examples where these investigative services have proved invaluable include:
  • Claims submitted where the client claims that goods were removed from areas in which the security systems did not activate.
  • Determining whether alarm systems were armed at the time of the loss.
  • Lightning damage evaluation.
  • Determining events leading up to, during and after the fire.
  • Losses sustained where the alarm system failed to activate.